Research status and trend of solar water pump system

The solar water pump system includes battery board, electric power electronic controller, motor and pump and other equipment. It is a comprehensive application of multidisciplinary technology. It is an important means and achievement for the development of new energy utilization and energy saving and emission reduction. This paper reviews the development process and present situation of the solar pump system configuration, analyzes and summarizes the research aspects of the solar pump system performance prediction method, system matching, control strategy, comprehensive evaluation and so on, and briefly introduces the means to improve the efficiency of the system, and finally shows the development direction of the system research.

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SOLARPUMPFIELD’s solar irrigation system ready to operate


SOLAR IRRIGATION — The Caridad Norte and Sur Solar Irrigation System is found in Llanera, Nueva Ecija, and described by the Department of Agriculture as the ‘first and biggest’ of its kind in Luzon. (Julio P. Yap Jr.)solar irrigation pump

The “first and biggest” solar-powered irrigation system in Luzon was completed in Llanera, Nueva Ecija following its successful initial testing conducted last Friday.

5HP solar powered water pump system for irrigation


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