Drinking Water from solar well water pump

SOLAR PUMP FIELD solar water pumping systems have a proven track record of delivering drinking water to homes, communities and livestock all around for over 10 years. As an application, there is nothing more critical than drinking water. Therefore, choosing a system that you know will deliver the water you need, reliably and predictably is of the upmost importance.

Serving People

Improved water sources such as boreholes offer cost effective ways to deliver safe clean water to homes and communities. SOLAR PUMP FIELD systems are deployed as the primary water delivery mechanism for homes and smaller communities in all parts of the world.

By utilizing water storage, solar direct systems deliver water reliably 24 hours per day without the need for expensive batteries, grid connections or generators.


Serving Livestock

Providing good drinking water for livestock is directly linked to positive animal health and welfare. The system with SOLAR PUMP FIELD helical rotor pumps and ECDRIVE efficient motor allows water to be pumped from almost any depth with very little power. Solar water pumps have become the standard replacement for windmills in cattle ranches across the world.

Public or Private Water Utilities

Water utility companies are using SOALR PUMP FIELD solar pumping systems to provide economical solutions for both water abstraction, pressure boosting and for water purification applications. Utilities can lower their operating costs by converting their remote pump systems from diesel power to solar or solar/diesel hybrid.